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Canada’s First Certified Luxury...

Canada’s First Certified Luxury Net Zero Home

March 1, 2018

Exquisite luxury. Undeniably smart.

Designed to be an ultra high performance home without compromising on the appearance or curb appeal.

Featuring 3 of Canada’s first Tesla Powerwall 2’s – a battery backup storage system for the solar energy produced.

Ultra High-performance, energy efficient windows, glass curtain walls, energy-saving heat pumps.

Imagine all of the above, but not in a low-budget, space-saving home. Instead, envision these features in a luxurious, 9,200 sq. ft. of living space. Drive by 19 Lambeth Lane in Puslinch to see Canada’s first Certified Luxury Net Zero Home.

A net-zero energy (NZE) home is designed and built to reduce household energy needs to a minimum and includes on-site renewable energy systems that enable the home to produce at least as much energy as it consumes on a yearly basis.

Claxton + Marsh Shares and Helps to Promote Guelph’s Green Initiatives

If you live in the picturesque, green City of Guelph, the natural surroundings are a huge motivator driving the need for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. At a municipal government level, Guelph is committed to:

  • using less energy in 25 years than we do today
  • consuming less energy per capita than comparable Canadian cities
  • producing less greenhouse gas per capita than the current global average

It is not surprising then, that both residents and commercial organizations share this commitment and actively contribute. One such organization demonstrating stellar achievements in this direction, is leading custom home builder and design company, Claxton + Marsh. Among many outstanding homes they have designed and developed, is Heritage Lake Estates in Puslinch—a picturesque community of estate style homes with a lakeside setting. Within this prestigious community is the nation’s first Certified Luxury Net Zero Home.

A Thoughtful, Intelligent Design

Walking into this home, you are awestruck by the majesty and ambiance of pure luxury with the understated elegance of woods and whites, blacks and creams. Just as you begin to marvel at the high ceilings, heated patios, walkways, driveway, and smoked glass custom stair railings, the builder has taken it up yet another notch.A temperature-controlled wine room with black pearl racking system to house 280 bottles is the pride of the main floor. Bringing in the beauty of the outdoors is a 4-season room with wall to wall windows.The main floor also has a great room, a master suite, 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a pantry-equipped kitchen.

Eve Claxton, dedicated Design and Realty Specialist for Claxton + Marsh says, “A great deal of effort was put into the design and engineering of this home. Our goal was to create a thoughtful, intelligent design so our homeowners can enjoy the future… today. At Claxton + Marsh, we are proud to help lead the way in our community of Guelph to a more sustainable environment and future.”

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