Our History

Building a luxury home can be a challenge for most construction companies, but for Claxton + Marsh, it’s all in a day’s work. With every client we work with, we are dedicated to building a home of distinct quality and craftsmanship, and a home that is exclusively tailored to their lifestyle.

Shawn Marsh’s company builds luxury homes that cater to the owners’ needs as well as wants.

Claxton + Marsh has a classic bottom-up story of growth.  Shawn Marsh first moved to Guelph and started working as a framer in 1979 while attending University.  In 1987, Timberworx was born as a framing company.

In his case, the framing work helped pave the way for his entry into the competitive industry.  The business was started on a Sunday, and by the end of that week we had five lots, and a new custom home builder was born.  From then on, the company has been growing in strength and they make sure that 100% percent of their clients have their expectations exceeded.